Student of the Universe! 🌱

My name is Jenny, and I care about empowering diverse life stories, the future of work, my Wacom tablet, and cascading stylesheets.

I'm an experienced youth educator, web developer, graphic designer, and design strategist. I speak English, Spanish, and I'm learning Mandarin and Dutch.

Currently based in Los Angeles (Summer & Fall 2019).

I'm building my own education technology company called Plot Twisters. It's very young! My daily activities include game interface design, workshop development, and full-stack engineering. If you're curious, send me a message!

I work part-time as a Design Strategist at verynice, a social impact creative studio in downtown Los Angeles. I do brand audits and organizational ethnography for clients like UNICEF and the Women's Refugee Commission.

I live in an artist collective near Hollywood. For fun, I'm taking: improv classes, boxing classes, and Dutch lessons.

I'm not looking for work, but I'm very interested in sharing ideas, especially about digital interfaces and K-12 education.

Tweet at me @jennyliuzhang, or email me


Updated 2019-8-3 from Los Angeles, CA